Audytel advices to Polish NRA

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Audytel together with the Institute of Communications has prepared on behalf of the President of NRA (UKE) proposal to settle the dispute with the

exchange of IP traffic

In connection with the ongoing application of Netia SA administrative action for the settlement of the dispute with the exchange of IP traffic between Netia SA and Telekomunikacja Polska SA, the President of UKE presented for consultation a draft decision on the matter. Settlement proposal was developed by a consortium Audytel SA and the Institute of Communications.

The development consists of technical and economic analysis of the IP traffic exchange service and a practical part – the proposal of dispute settlement. The report includes a comprehensive agreement governing relations between the operators in the field of IP traffic exchange , including the reason for the solutions.

A detailed report for the President of Polish NRA (UKE) is available on the UKE website:

For more information: Emil Konarzewski, phone (+48 22) 537 50 50