Datacenter Services in Poland – The Buyers Guide

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Audytel is pleased to present a new market research report – The Datacenter Services in Poland. This is a brand new edition of the report, whose first version was developed by Audytel in 2009.

Datacenter market in Poland is relatively young and underdeveloped. The first service provider datacenter appeared in 2000/2001 on the wave of Internet boom. At that time the early datacenter investments were relatively small, but even those filled slowly, contrary to the overly optimistic forecasts as it turned out. Over the next few years the market development has been limited as providers focused on the commercialization of existing resources.

The situation changed in 2004-2005 when the Polish accession to the EU has changed the prospects for the development of ICT services (potential nearshoring) and simultaneously increased interest in outsourcing of ICT.

Datacenter market value in 2010 in Poland amounted to approximately 311 million zloty and exhibits a steady rising trend. The main factors influencing the market growth is the increase in supply, lower prices, increase in salaries of technical staff, increasing Internet usage and increased demand for ICT security solutions.



  • Motivation for the use of datacentre services
  • Typical applications
  • Datacentre services in the taxonomy of ICT outsourcing

Value chain in datacenter services

  • collocation services
  • equipment reant,
  • platforms and applications rent
  • value added services (BCP and Reserve Data Processing Center and other)

Characteristics of the supply of datacentre services in Poland

  • the surfaces of objects
  • the power allocations
  • basic security facilities
  • the availability of telecommunications
  • the availability of various categories of value added services

Prices and price trends

  • prices Benchmarks for standard colocation services
  • factors affecting prices and discount policy
  • price trends

The characteristics of 20 major players in the Polish market for datacenter

  • description of the supplier
  • description of basic infrastructure
  • range of services and solutions supported
  • the product offer and sample pricing
  • strong and weak points of the supplier (including, in particular its collocation facilities)



• The report comes in the form of a printable .pdf file, formatted to A4.

• Price: 6,000 zł