Audit on KRI compliance

We offer support at each stage of activities aimed at compliance with National Interoperability Framework requirements, and particularly with respect to the following activities ensuing from the Regulation:

  • preliminary audit,
  • specification of security recommendations,
  • support in carrying out a risk analysis,
  • verification of the existing IT security documents,
  • support in preparation of IT security documents,
  • support in adjusting IT systems to the National Interoperability Framework’s requirements.

The audit also focuses on all applications, interoperability principles, and applied websites. The analysis is made in two areas: in relation to documents and the implementation of requirements. Our work results in a report that includes an assessment of the implementation of all requirements of the National Interoperability Framework and detailed security documentation.

KRI, i.e. the National Interoperability Framework, is the Regulation of the Prime Minister of 12 April 2012. The Regulation was adopted in order to ensure compliance with EU laws, and namely the European Interoperability Framework. This is one of the most important and beneficial IT initiatives in Poland. It is an activity which aims at establishing standards in the structure and security of IT systems. KRI focuses on communication between IT systems and increasing their security level. The Regulation defines in detail the requirements for interoperability of processes and systems as well as requirements in relation to information security management. The Regulation also imposes an obligation to conduct a periodical risk analysis. All entities that “carry out public tasks” must comply with the KRI’s requirements.

Co zyskujesz?

  • An assessment of IT system elements that have the lowest security level and consequently must be attended to in the first place,
  • Recommendations – which steps must be taken in order to improve the critical elements,
  • A detailed analysis on compliance with all KRI requirements,
  • An evaluation of current security documents,

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