Tender organisation

We organise tendering procedures with respect to the supply of electricity and assist in organising such procedures. The scope of services may include representation of the Contracting Authority and announcement of the tendering procedure on its behalf, preparation of tender documents and agreement templates, estimation of the tender price, as well as answers to possible questions asked by potential Contractors as part of the tendering process. At the request of the Customer, we inventory power delivery points in the scope necessary to define the subject of order and prepare profiles of energy use.

Co zyskujesz?

  • Relief for internal resources
  • Substantive support
  • Technical support
  • Avoidance of potential problems thanks to our experience
  • Precise specification of the subject of order resulting in a low price

Przykładowe realizacje:

For the Capital City of Warsaw, we have provided comprehensive services related to the organisation and maintenance of a group purchasing organisation. This resulted in preparing a tendering procedure. The activities conducted by us led to a significant decrease in electricity costs. The co-operation with the Customer is ongoing. The City of Poznan is another customer that has used, and continues to use, our services in terms of maintenance of a group purchasing organisation and carrying out the electricity procurement process.