Personal Data Protection Policy

In co-operation with the Customer, we exercise supervision over the implementation of security measures and post-audit recommendations, we develop and update the Personal Data Protection Policy and IT Systems Management Manual, and we define the function of persons in charge of personal data protection.

The Personal Data Protection Policy is a document that sets forth the activities undertaken by the company in order to secure any processed information. This meaning is, however, highly ambiguous as it may refer to all activities aimed at information protection or it may include only the procedures related to personal data protection or a policy on the selected IT system (dataset). Our experience in IT consultancy, compliance and information security enables us to look comprehensively at the many problems arising from personal data protection and provide the Customer with recommendable solutions that ensure a comprehensive security level in the organisation.

Co zyskujesz?

  • Clear instructions and rules governing personal data protection.
  • Division of roles and responsibility of persons engaged in data processing and protection.
  • Documentation required by polish law.
  • Registering data filling system and/or Data Protection Officer to the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO).

Przykładowe realizacje:

Implementation of a Personal Data Protection Policy for a company in the cosmetics industry
We have carried out a project relating to the implementation of a personal data protection policy for our Customer – a well-known company in the cosmetics sector that processes the personal data of its clients, including information on their health.
The first step of the project was to get to know the course of processing and the security measures used for the protection of personal data applied by the Customer. On the basis of gathered information, we prepared drafts of a Personal Data Protection Policy and Instruction for management of IT systems used to process personal data that ensured compatibility with the procedures allready implemented in the Company.
At the second stage, we prepared registered of data filling system, indicating the IT systems used for processing them, a description of the structure of data filling systems and flows of the data between particular systems, a list of areas in which data is processed, and the register of persons authorised to process personal data.

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