Designing Logistics Systems

In order to create a Logistics System, a professional and reliable approach must be adopted, along with precise planning of the sequence of actions. Each step – whether an investment purchase or course of action – has a direct impact on the cost and efficiency of operational functioning.

The service is based on a precise analysis of the real needs of a Customer and carrying out a design of the entire Logistics System or the area indicated by the Customer.

This service may include:

  • designing the functional arrangement and technical equipment of the warehouse,
  • providing support in logistics services,
  • designing a transportation process, manufacturing plant, and any and all connections between
  • the designed facilities and their surroundings at the company.

Co zyskujesz?

  • guarantee of effective implementation,
  • a project tailored to your needs,
  • clear documentation

Przykładowe realizacje:

Designing a Logistics System at an e-commerce firm
Our customer is a commercial company in which sales are conducted via an on-line shop. It trades over ten thousand items included in the company’s offer. Due to its rapid development, the company decided to invest in logistics infrastructure and carry out a thorough restructuring of the current Logistics System.

Audytel’s experts designed the entire Logistics System in accordance with the Konslog® methodology. The conducted activities included:

  • creating reference maps showing the flow of processes and document circulation;
  • profitability analysis – own or rented warehouse,
  • selection of a warehouse location, supervision of agreement,
  • organisation of tenders and recommendations for choosing the most beneficial offer in terms of
  • warehouse equipment,
  • developing procedures on the flow of shipments and information.


  • A New Logistics System
  • Defined mechanisms for the maintenance of the Logistics System for a period of 10 years

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