Market analysis

We provide in-depth, multi-layered information on the present situation on the ICT market and its development forecast, which enables our Customers to make optimal business decisions and reduce investment risk.

Our analytical competence has been developed on the basis of methodology introduced by META Group – a company which co-operated with us from 2003 to 2005. The first research projects – ordered by IT vendors, telecommunication operators, and market regulators – have been extended over time to aspects related to the efficiency of public administration, logistics, and the energy market. The superiority of analyses conducted by Audytel is due to the verification of survey research on the basis of data obtained from previous audits, which makes us one of the most reliable benchmarking data sources in terms of service prices and costs.

Our analyses focus on:

  • telecommunication services,
  • IT services,
  • ICT equipment,
  • courier and postal services,
  • electricity.

Co zyskujesz?

  • Current input data that allows for optimisation of tactical and strategic plans.
  • Precise information on market trends that reduce investment risk.
  • A tool for unassisted business analyses.

Przykładowe realizacje:

Optimised construction of FTTx

At the request of the Customer – a company that plans to build an NGA access network in the largest cities of Poland – we provided a detailed comparison of information necessary to carry out business analyses in more than 1000 areas in the cities selected by the Customer. We examined in detail the presence of competition and offers of the operators in particular examined areas, and we also provided a tool for presenting and analysing the collected geographical data, as well as an analytical model that analyses the areas recommended for the construction of FTTx.

Analytical paper for the update of the National Broadband Plan

The Ministry of Administration and Digitisation (the Customer) needed to indicate the necessary activities and tools that would make it possible to carry out the objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE). The work conducted by Audytel gave rise to a report containing detailed information on the plan for development of broadband Internet access in Poland, recommendations on the use of present and future infrastructure, and solutions that increase private sector activity in this respect.

Analysis of trends on the telecommunications market

We developed a detailed report for the Customer – a Polish operator with an extensive access network and mobile telephone infrastructure. The report focused on new services, the behaviour of customers, and price trends on the telecommunications market. Attention was devoted to the possibility of obtaining detailed forecasts for several dozen categories of services for the next 5 years. Apart from the dedicated analytical report, the Customer was provided with service, updated on a quarterly basis, with detailed operating and financial data and forecasts for its own analyses.