Support in services and infrastructure acquisition

We offer comprehensive support in the ICT solutions acquisition process related to infrastructure, applications, and services, starting with preparation of guidelines and ending with the organisations of tenders (inclusively). Knowledge about the ICT supplier market and operating in line with the best global business practices in terms of acquisition process management produce tangible results for our Customers.
The scope of service includes (inter alia):

  • analysis of Customer needs,
  • analysis of technical, business, and official conditions,
  • specification of the subject of order,
  • an initial specification of the terms and conditions of delivery,
  • determining the budget and the initial course of action,
  • preparation of procurement documents (including terms of reference – in the case of proceedings under the Public Procurement Law),
  • support in the course of proceedings (suppliers’ questions, protests, mediation support, etc.),
  • evaluation of offers,
  • implementation process management on behalf of the Customer,
  • acceptance,
  • post-implementation audit,
  • service correctness control,
  • SLA performance control,
  • future planning and budgeting.


As a result of the pace of technological changes, the growing substitution of services, and the specialisation of suppliers, the acquisition of IT services and infrastructure calls for specialist knowledge and perfect market orientation. Those changes are becoming an increasingly greater challenge for all active market players and potential investors. Therefore, it is advisable to ask experts before making strategic decisions.

Co zyskujesz?

  • The scope of acquired services is tailored to your needs,
  • Effective use of budget appropriations,
  • Reduction of the total purchasing procedure period,
  • In the case of proceedings under the Public Procurement Law, you minimise the risk of protests and appeals by preparing documents in a professional manner.

Przykładowe realizacje:

Feasibility study into the implementation of IP telephony
We have conducted a feasibility study into the implementation of a modern communications system that combines data transmission with IP telephony. Our customer was a FMCG leader.
As part of the project, we prepared technical documents, ensured periodical quality control of the project, verified the intermediate objectives (’milestones’), and reviewed potential risk factors. Moreover, we ensured specialised support in solving technical problems related to activities of the IP telephony environment and telecommunication lines. We were involved in the acceptance of consecutive stages of the project and evaluated the post-completion and training documents related to the management and use of the system.
Effects of the project:

  • minimisation of risk in the project (related to delay or exceeding the budget),
  • releasing key persons from the company’s management from surveillance over this complicated project,
  • sharing specialist knowledge and making use of the possibilities of project cost optimisation.

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