Telecommunications audit

We offer services that involve the examination of security and functionality as well as possible reduction of costs in the following areas of telecommunications infrastructure:

  • operator services (landline and mobile telephony well as data transmission),
  • technical infrastructure (private branch exchanges, network equipment),
  • internal organisation (individual limits, settlements at the costs centre),
  • additional services (equipment maintenance, services management).

Our work results in recommendations as to possible improvements and the specification of long-term plans for the future development of those services.

A telecommunications audit consists of a comprehensive business and technical analysis of the entire telecommunications infrastructure used by the examined enterprise in its operating activities. It aims at optimisation of resources and reduction of costs related to the company’s telecommunications service.

Co zyskujesz?

  • An assessment of the technical condition of used equipment,
  • A reliable benchmark of costs in relation to other companies of similar size,
  • Presentation of potential savings in terms of current costs,
  • Outlining a recommended scope of optimisation, along with recommendations for future actions.

Przykładowe realizacje:

Consolidation of telecommunications infrastructure and services
At the request of a Customer that employs several thousand people in multiple locations across Poland, we conducted a telecommunications audit. The Customer’s telecommunications infrastructure was developed in stages, in a changing ownership and budget situation, which did not favour rational, long-term investment planning and caused limited flexibility in the selection of solutions. Among service providers that deal with landline and mobile telephony and data transmission, there were 10 telecommunications operators in total. Our task was to consolidate the infrastructure and services.
As a result of our activities, the following changes were introduced:

  • Centralisation of the system and removal of unnecessary equipment,
  • Consolidation of services among a smaller number of suppliers, along with a change in the commercial conditions,
  • Introduction of a policy that increases system safety,
  • Implementation of modern mechanisms for cost control.

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