Operational cost optimisation

How to get more while using the same resources? – a question asked both by market leaders that want to use their potential even more as well as companies that are trying to identify the reasons for a temporary decline in profitability or an increase in operational costs.

Audytel examines operational processes in terms of their functionality and security, which has a direct impact on the possibility of reducing the operational costs in a given enterprise.

Our team’s competence allow for project implementation in terms of, inter alia, warehousing management, distribution, transport management, information flow management as well as conveyance of packaging and raw materials.

Co zyskujesz?

  • A significant reduction in operational costs,
  • Minimised expenditure,
  • Guarantee of effective implementation of changes.

Przykładowe realizacje:

Programme for the increased efficiency of distribution transport

We have developed and implemented a distribution transport efficiency programme for Durasan. The aim of this activity was to reduce the transport costs of the company while maintaining a high-quality service. The programme was divided into three stages:
Audit on transport management
Implementation of recommended changes
Implementation supervision

Within two years, the programme gave rise to the following advantages:

  • The efficiency of the transportation service at the company increased by 66%
  • The costs of heavy transport reduced by 5%
  • The costs of courier services reduced by 37%

Radosław Ozimkiewicz, Managing Director
„The dynamic growth of our company creates higher demands in terms of delivering our products to recipients – both in the case of large chain stores and small, traditional shops. Audytel’s increased efficiency programme made it possible to transform the manner of our transportation services, making it even more efficient and effective. For us, this confirms the trustworthiness of our brand among present and future Customers.”

Supporting changes in an e-shop’s warehouse

We have provided Preston, an on-line shop, with a programme that aims at efficiency improvement in terms of processes carried out at the warehouse. The main activities aimed at ensuring a high-quality order service at the e-shop by way of:

  • optimising the flow of goods entering the warehouse (delivery confirmation, returns)
  • optimising the flow of goods leaving the warehouse (release)
  • improving procedural functioning
  • improving the efficiency of complaint handling and service
  • improving the OHS conditions
  • optimising the flow of incoming and outgoing information (providing support in creation of a reporting system)

These changes had to be rapid while maintaining due flexibility in relation to new external conditions. Such factors included: a change of warehouse facilities during the course of the project and simultaneous implementation of the ERP system for the entire organisation. This situation called for substantial commitment and confidence on the part of the entire team of PRESTO.

Roman Skorochód-Przyjemski, President of the Management Board: „The dynamic development of the company called for rapidly conducted changes in the functioning of our warehouse. The project carried out by Audytel made it possible to achieve the established goals.”

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