Purchases and stock level optimisation

From the point of view of procurement process management, the identification of factors that have an impact on excessive stockpiling and subsequent actions undertaken in order to reduce or completely eliminate such problems are of significant importance. Such factors include: uncertainty in terms of deliveries, fluctuating demand, low forecast demand level, the nature of the production process or an excessive level of customer service.

Many years of experience on the part of our consultants enable effective action against excessive stockpiling and the negative results of such a situation. This unique approach enables companies to reduce costs related to procurement and stockpiling.

Co zyskujesz?

  • Improved planning quality
  • Reduction of costs and release of frozen capital.
  • New quality in the procurement process

Przykładowe realizacje:

Developing a policy of material and warehousing management

We have conducted a project for the 'Polish Airports’ State Enterprise (PPL). The scope was as follows:
1. Analysis and assessment of the present condition.
2. The development of a „Policy of Material and Warehousing Management
at PPL.”
3. The development of an “Implementation Plan and Rules for Updating the ‘Policy of Material and Warehousing Management at PPL’.”
Tadeusz Dalewski, The Head of Strategy Management at the 'Polish Airports’ State Enterprise:
„The extensive scope of this project called for an interactive manner of action on the part of Audytel and permanent co-operation with the employees of PPL. Thanks to this approach, the goals of the project have been successfully achieved in accordance with the premises.”

Stockpiling optimisation in a production company
Audytel’s customer, a production company that trades several thousand SKU and has its own high-storage warehouse, had a problem with unstable stockpiles, which led to conflicts between production and trade, production and marketing, as well as trade and marketing. The Management Board decided to focus on logistical aspects and develop a course of action that would reduce the costs of those activities while maintaining the same level of SLA.

Audytel’s experts identified the cause of this situation and proposed a number of recovery measures:

  • Changes in the Stockpiling Policy
  • Modification of the planning model,
  • Implementation of S&OP procedures,
  • Standardisation of the flow of information.
  • The adoption of a stockpiling reduction strategy and including it in the purchasing management policy a few years ahead.
  • Development of plans for change, along with risk analysis

As a result of work conducted by Audytel, the level of stockpiling decreased by more than 20% and frozen capital was released, amounting to several million PLN.

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